Our Giving Pledge

Every time you purchase a Miamohalla dress, you are not only adding a sparkle to your little angel’s world but you are also contributing towards a better future for a hopeful kid in India. We truly believe that education shouldn’t be a privilege: 10% of the profits on every dress are donated to support children's education through our partnership with Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy


Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children of marginalized communities in India.  The organization encourages kids to stay in school and complete their education through the use of basketball as a vehicle of change. Their flagship program is “Hoops Creating Hope.”

Hoops Creating Hope is a free, two-week program for boys and girls from underserved backgrounds that creates and develops the link between leadership, gender equity, character, teamwork, and communication with academic success and future goals. By using basketball as the vehicle of change, students are able to learn on the court and in the classroom through play and guided experiential learning rather than more hours in a traditional classroom. The students learn about Crossover’s five pillars by connecting lessons in the program through sessions connecting academics, individual skills, team building, conditioning, and yoga.

Crossover has now worked with over 2,100 students with nearly 60% being girls with the program now being held in Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. By using a non-mainstream but yet popularly known sport, Crossover has created a level playing court where girls are able to start at an equal starting point and boys are able to witness the strength and power of girls when they work together. Thought leaders, student voices, coaches, and educators from the US and India discuss the positive role sport can play in a student’s overall education.