Will you be my Valentine?

Will you be my Valentine?

February 11, 2020

During Valentine’s Day gifts such as candy, flowers, and chocolate are often exchanged between loved ones, mainly couples.  There is a big emphasis on relationships whether or not you’re in one. For Valentine’s Day we think that love should be celebrated in general, whether it’s a pet, sibling, parent or even yourself!  Additionally, showing that you love something or someone doesn’t have to be with a gift bought from the store, it can come in any shape or form such as a handwritten note or a positive change in behavior.  Gifts made and thought about with love can be the best kinds of presents! Below are some ideas of ways to show your love this Valentine’s Day:



This Valentine’s Day, consider showing your love a little differently towards your parents.  Maybe make them a handmade Valentine’s Day card with a nice note inside. You could also go a different route by helping clean the house or emptying the dishwasher.  Either way parents are sure to love the extra effort.


Your sibling most likely won’t expect anything from you this Valentine’s Day, so surprising them with something will be an extra special gesture.  For your sibling, consider surprising them with a Valentine’s Day breakfast. If you don’t have time for this, you could also let them borrow your favorite toy or t-shirt.  Your sibling will definitely appreciate the thought put into your actions.



Appreciating your pets may be the easiest Valentine’s Day gift.  Give them an extra treat or two and pet them a little longer, you will for sure be their favorite human.


Last but not least, give yourself a little love!  Sometimes after caring for others, individuals forget to practice self-love.  On Valentine’s Day you can wear your favorite outfit to boost confidence. For dessert eat your cookie with some ice cream or extra chocolate, treat yourself!

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