Valentines Day Crafts

Valentines Day Crafts

February 04, 2020

Even though Valentines Day can be about love and couples, there are other fun activities that don’t involve any of this.  Below are some cool activities to do with your family if you want to celebrate in a different way!

Paper Heart Accordion Chains

Wanting some Valentines decorations for your house?  Follow this guide to make your very own paper accordion with your little one.  If you don’t have fun paper, try decorating it with markers, sparkles and glue, stickers and/or stamps. 

Heart Sugar Cookie Decorating

The best kind of art is art you can eat.  Use this amazing sugar cookie recipe as the base for your heart shaped masterpieces.  Continue the fun by making some buttercream frosting and add dye for extra flair.  If you’re feeling fancy, decorate further by adding fun sprinkles.

Melted Crayon Hearts

Have any extra crayons laying around?  Follow this guide to make your own melted crayon hearts.  It’s a great sustainable activity with a Valentines Day theme.  After your creations are cooled, use them to make beautiful drawings.

Homemade Valentines

If your little one is bringing in Valentines for their class, try making your own this year.  You can go the traditional route with card stock, markers and glitter or consider these fun options:

  1. Heart Paper Airplanes
  2. Felt Fortune Cookies
  3. Any of these “punny” card ideas

Finish off with a customized note inside!

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