The 5 Ws of Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy

The 5 Ws of Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy

February 18, 2020

For every dress purchased, Miamohalla gives Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy 10% of the profits.  So not only are you giving your child something they will love but you are also contributing towards a better future for a hopeful kid in India.  What is Crossover and what do they do? Continue below to learn more about Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy.

Who:  Volunteers from the United States and India take time leading a basketball program for marginalized children in India. They welcome nearly 500 students to the academy!

What:  Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy is an international non-profit organization that encourages children to stay in school and complete their education through the use of basketball.  They have two main programs:

Hoops Creating Hope: Hoops Creating Hope is their main program for girls and boys aged 8-14.  It spans two weeks and is run through experiential learning. The kids learn Crossover’s five pillars--connecting academics, individual skills, team building, conditioning, and yoga--through basketball and class time.  

Crossover Scholars - After School Pilot Program: Crossover Scholars is their after-school program for elementary aged girls and boys in India.  While they teach basketball, they are more focused on positively impacting graduation rates. Crossover helps the attendees develop confidence, empathy and critical thinking.

Where: The program is held in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.

Why:  India’s school dropout rate is 62% and Crossover wants to change this and encourage kids to stay in school.  The Crossover participant school dropout rate is much smaller at 15%. Crossover chose basketball because for many kids, basketball is a new sport so everyone starts off on an equal playing field.

When: This summer! Stay tuned for more information.

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