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Autumn Exclamation Points for Little Fashionistas
September 03, 2019

Autumn Exclamation Points for Little Fashionistas

Michael Kors said, "I've always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman's outfit." As we swing into the Back-To-School season, today we've highlighted our favorite exclamation points to pair with Miamohalla dresses for the fall season!

The adorable Ella Unicorn Mary Jane from Squeaker Sneakers to add a little magic to your little one’s world! Pair it with the Blue Orchid dress for a magical look!

This Daisy Hairclip from Wunderkin Co Bows adds another perfect floral element to the mesmerizing, bright and sun-filled Yellow Sunrise Dress!


Little girl’s outfit is incomplete without a fun purse to carry, so pair the unique Shades of Babes purse from Little Moon Leather with the iconic Blue Belle Dress!

This Yellow Velvet Scrunchie from Ellia May Designs is an amazing accessory to give yourself a little extra “pop” of brightness! Pair it with the Silver Star Dress for a starry look!

The fun and funky Big Leather Bow from Modern Piggy is a delightful accessory to pair with the glamorous Yellow Tulip Dress so your little one can shimmer and shine all day!


We’re in love with the Birthday Crown from the Little Blue Olive. Your little one will look like the princess that she is with this colorful rainbow birthday crown and the Cotton Candy Dress!

These quirky and colorful Ruffled Cupcake Socks are fabulous for making a Miamohalla dress a little more fun and unique! Pair it with Degas Ballerina Dress for a sophisticated look!

This cute Ariel - Oversized Twirl Bow from Ellia May Designs pairs perfectly with the Aqua Lily Dress for a sea princess look!

These Pink Rain Boots from Cry Wolf are the perfect wardrobe addition to stay cute and stylish come rain or shine! Pair them with the Ruby Red Dress for a classy Rain Fairy look!


The Ice Cream Kids Sun Hat from Little Crowns NYC is a must-have accessory for all little style icons! Plus it will keep the sun away, and fashionably so!  Pair it with the Ivory Pearl Dress for some fun in the sun!


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Fun Summer Activities!
July 23, 2019

Fun Summer Activities!

We can all agree that summer is the most eagerly awaited time of the year and kids are full of boundless, playful energy!  These warm, sunny days are so fun, but they are fleeting and before we know it, we are at the half-way point! With summer for only 6 more weeks, how can we make the most out of it?  There are so many ways to make these upcoming summer days extra special and full of fun-filled activities, laughter, and learning with your kids!
These 6 Spectacular Summer Activities for Kids will provide all the fun and inspiration you need to fill your calendar with some upcoming playdates and adventures!


1. The Zoo A staple summer activity-filled day, your local zoo is typically free and a wonderful way to spend a nice day outdoors visiting the animals and making furry friends! 


2. An Outdoor Picnic Whether it’s in your backyard or a nearby park, getting outside, enjoying a meal together, and being in nature is a fantastic way to get energy out and enjoy some creative play outdoors!


3. County Fair A county fair is always fun, no matter what age you are! The rides, games, food, and various amusements will keep the kids entertained for hours.


4. A Scavenger Hunt. Everyone loves a good game where there is a special treasure awaiting you at the end! Here's a link to some printable no-work scavenger hunt printables. It’s highly entertaining for everyone, and less work for the parents. 


5. Make ice cream or popsicles! Make a healthy and tasty treat with your kids, and have lots of fun while doing it!


6. Backyard Camping Camp without the stress of being away from home!

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