Style Your Own Mask, It Is Quite the Fun Task

July 28, 2020

The future is SO bright, but not quite here yet… wearing masks is not only a highly recommended practice across the country, but in some places a mandatory practice yet again

While our kids may not always be out and about with us, it is important that when they are…they are fully protected AND even more so… comfortable in a mask and our situation as a whole!

The following tips are important for us adults to keep in mind…
  1. Use simple words to explain why others are wearing masks
  2. Gives kids time to take it all in
  3. Answer their questions!
  4. Give support!

And now to the FUN… homemade MASK making! 

Step 1: Find an old t-shirt, bandana or scarf

(KEY: find a fabric with their favorite pattern or color… 100% cotton is ideal)

Step 2: Throw the piece of fabric into the washer and dryer 

Step 3: Simply cut off 4-5 inches off the bottom of your t-shirt 

Step 4: Cut into the mask making a sideways “U” shape - this will make the ties for your mask

Step 5: Cut your ties so that you can retie the mask around your head

Step 6: Adjust your mask to make a snug fit around your nose and chin

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