Princesses We Aspire to be Like

Princesses We Aspire to be Like

March 17, 2020


We aspire to be like Merida because she isn’t afraid to break social norms.  Merida is left unsettled when men try to compete for her hand in marriage. She then enters the competition to win her own hand and blows away the other competitors.  Merida is awesome because she saw customs that weren’t fair, and took the matter into her own hands.



Anna is a very inspiring princess because she is unabashedly herself and sticks to her feelings.  Throughout her journey Anna is goofy and quirky, she doesn’t care to hide who she is.  Anna also never gives up on her sister Elsa and is determined to bring her home.  We love Anna because she not only knows how to be herself, but she also knows how to love herself and those around her.



Tiana is on our list because she is motivated and independent.  She works at a diner in hopes of making enough money and experience to open up her own restaurant.  Her work is paused when she gets turned into a frog.  However, this does not stop her, she goes out on an adventure to get her life back.  What we love about Tiana is that she does not rely on a man or anyone else to save her, she goes out herself and gets the job done! 



Ariel is one of our favorites because she is passionate!  Whether it’s a fork, her fish friends or the dry land, Ariel sees the beauty of it all.  Ariel is equally as passionate about tangible items as she is about intangible ideas such as her dreams.  No matter how crazy they are, nothing will stop her from achieving them.  Ariel is the true definition of tenacious and a great example for us all.



Mulan is an amazing Disney princess because she is loyal, brave and smart.  When her father is too sick to be drafted, she takes his spot by impersonating a man.  She goes off into the unknown by herself to train for war with other men.  In the end, she helps prevent the Hun invasion by outsmarting their army.  Mulan confronts the unknown and uses her intelligence to save her country.

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