Orange you glad it's Mia Mohalla!

Orange you glad it's Mia Mohalla!

August 27, 2019

August is like the Sunday of summer, and with summer coming to an end, today on our color series we want to highlight the history and significance of the color that often comes to mind when you think of the sunset - Orange. 


It is often said that nothing rhymes with “Orange” and interestingly, the color orange did not even have a name until the 16th century. This bright, fierce but soothing color was referred to as “yellow-red” color. The color later got its name from the fruit orange, which was introduced to English from the Sanskrit word “nāraṅga.” Even though Orange didn’t have an official name for a long time, the color’s significance in cultures dates back to centuries. While some cultures see orange as a sacred hue, others see it as a royal and prestigious color. In the West, Orange is seen as an edgy, vibrant color that is also associated with harvest, warmth, whereas in the East, Orange is considered as an auspicious and sacred color that promotes health and happiness. 

The renowned artist, Van Gogh said, “There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” Favored by the impressionists of 19th century for its bright and radiant hue, color orange demands an immediate reaction. Orange is such a paradoxical color, it has the fire of Red and positivity of Yellow. Orange ignites both an alarming feeling of danger and sensation of excitement. 

Symbolism and Psychology 

There are several shades of Orange ranging from darker to lighter shade spectrum -- Cayenne (darker shade of orange), Persimmon (a red shade of orange), Pumpkin (softer shade of orange), Mango (a yellow shade orange), Salmon (a pink shade of orange), Melon, etc. Each shade represents a different feeling. The darker shades of orange are more spicy and earthy, that instill a warm and comforting feeling and the lighter shades of orange are soothing and healthy with a sense of serenity.  

Orange Idioms and Sayings 

  • Apples to Oranges 

    • A comparison of two dissimilar things, people or entities 

  • Squeeze an Orange 

    • To make use of everything someone or something has to offer 

  • All Lombard Street to China Orange 

    • Very probable or likely 

Frank Sinatra said, “Orange is the happiest color” and we couldn’t agree more. Our collection consists of several offerings in various shades of Orange. Find the one that is your favorite and we hope it makes your little one happy too! 


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