Miamohalla's Must Do Indoor Activities

Miamohalla's Must Do Indoor Activities

March 24, 2020

Stuck inside with nothing to do?  Below are six ideas to add some spark to your day!

Virtual Museum Tours and Aquarium Visits

Who knew you could visit museums and aquariums from the comfort of your home?  Here is a list of 12 famous museums that have virtual tours so you can continue to experience the history and fun.  From the Guggenheim in New York to the Van Gogh in Amsterdam, you and your little one will have a lot to look at.  Additionally many aquariums are also broadcasting their fish tanks. Check out this one from the National Aquarium that showcases three different fish tanks and specific fish to spot in each!



Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a great way to stay active while keeping indoors.  By using items of everyday use, such as chairs, pillows and toys, lay them in a maze-like orientation around the room so your kids have to climb, duck and jump through the course.  To add more fun to the game, time your kids while they complete the course and challenge them to do it faster the next time.



Learning Without a Screen

There are a lot of apps and computer programs for at-home learning but sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics and work with paper and a pencil.  This website, 123 Homeschool 4 Me, has over 1 million free learning worksheets.  The website includes many different levels and subject areas, the opportunities are endless.




Follow Kristina for Amazing Ideas!  

Kristina is a mommy of four adorable kids ranging in ages from 3-11.  On her Instagram she posts about great ways to keep all of her children busy during the day.  Another thing we love about the activities is that most of them use items from around the house and don’t require going to the store.  One of our favorites is the Cardboard Box Challenge where kids use their imagination and art supplies to transform boxes into whatever their hearts desire.



Facetime Playdates

Are your kids missing their friends at school?  Set up a Facetime playdate with one of their close pals so they can interact with one of their peers from school.  The playdate doesn’t have to be long, anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour should be sufficient. The Facetime will generally be a new concept for your little one, so they’ll have fun showing their friends their toys and house virtually.  This is a great way to stay in touch without leaving home.



Playdough Party

A fun activity that you can do one afternoon is making playdough (check out this video).  It’s super easy to make and uses only three common household ingredients flour, salt, water, and food coloring (optional).  Try separating the raw dough and making a variety of colors so your little one has a lot to play with. Store in an airtight container and use it again, and again!


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