Miamohalla's Holiday Movie Awards

Miamohalla's Holiday Movie Awards

December 24, 2019

One of our favorite activities during the holidays is snuggling up on the couch with hot cocoa and watching a movie.  Below we’ve outlined 5 of our favorite holiday movies, so you too can enjoy them this holiday season.


The Holiday Classic:

The Snowman

The Snowman is an older, shorter movie that tells a story about a little boy and his snowman.  Adapted from the 1978 picture book, the animated film was first shown on air in 1982. Despite the age of the production, it is still a precious and captivating story for kids of all ages.


Most Musical:


Of course Frozen is on our list!  Frozen is a great movie year round but particularly special on the holidays.  The winter scenery throughout the movie is spectacular and always gets us excited for snow and the holidays.  We always rewatch Frozen because the music is very catchy and never gets old.


Best Comedy:


Elf is a hilarious holiday movie but may be better suited for older children.  The story begins in the North Pole as Buddy the Elf embarks on a journey to find his real family.  He isn’t used to the Big Apple and must navigate through the big, busy city. Some of the best moments are when he encounters day-to-day occurrences--black coffee, gum stuck to railings, and grumpy individuals--that he has never experienced.  Many laughs will be had during this movie!


Best Storyline:

The Polar Express 

The Polar Express is another holiday classic but on the more serious side.  Not to say that there aren’t humorous moments, it also teaches great lessons for an altogether engaging story.  The graphics in this movie are also very well done creating a magical atmosphere throughout.


Best Cartoon:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Cartoon)

While there have been many versions of the Grinch, our favorite is still the 1966 cartoon.  The cartoon remains light hearted whereas the other adaptations can get a little scary. This version is great for the whole family and is perfect during the Christmas season.


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