Miamohalla’s Favorite Instagram Influencer Hairstylists

Miamohalla’s Favorite Instagram Influencer Hairstylists

May 05, 2020

Feeling like you or your little one’s hair needs pick-me-up?  Get inspired by some of our favorite Instagram hairstylists.



Mariya is the hairstylist for the @brianasbraids account.   She is the mother of two adorable little girls that are featured in the photos.  We love this account because not only are the hairstyles beautiful, but she has an incredibly informative YouTube channel to recreate the perfect hairstyles.



Rosa Calleja creates some incredible looks.  This account has a wide variety of styles including up-dos, pony-tails, pigtails and half-down looks.  Rosa is clearly very talented as all the looks are very intricate and perfectly crafted.  Can you please come fix our hair?!?



Chelsea Sheer, mom of four beautiful children, runs this amazing hair DIY account.  We love how creative she gets by incorporating ribbon, flowers, bows and string into the looks.  Her Instagram is also well organized so you can find hairstyles and tutorials easily in the memories section.



Patricia Kaylani runs the @pr3ttygirl79 hair account.  We love this account because the hairstyles are so creative and unlike any we’ve seen on Instagram.  There is a hairstyle for every season, holiday or occasion, you will never run out of ideas.  



Nina Starck is an incredible hairstylist.  Her looks are extremely intricate and breathtaking.  While Nina does some looks for kids, she also has amazing looks for adults!  Her YouTube has a ton of tutorials and tips for everyone out there.



Elisabet is a stylist and mother to adorable daughters with fabulous hair.  We love the variety of styles, there is sure to be one for every occasion.  Don’t miss her YouTube channel with a vast archive of tutorials.

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