Miamohalla Printable Paper Dolls

Miamohalla Printable Paper Dolls

July 07, 2020

This month we want to emphasize the importance of inclusivity. A fun way to practice this is by creating your own unique paper doll! You can make this as “arts and crafty” as you feel fit. 

The whole idea behind crafting paper dolls is for your kids to then listen and learn. Learn why they chose various colors and different accessories.

Have each doll tell a story! The best way to teach inclusivity, love, respect, and kindness is by modeling it. 

Start the conversation and have fun while doing it with the songs and books listed below! 

Classic Songs by StoryBots | NetFlix Jr. 

Sesame Street songs about Diversity, Inclusion and Affirmation 

I Like Myself - Karen Beaumont 

The Skin You Live In - Michael Tyler

ABC for Me: ABC What Can She Be?: Girls Can Be Anything They Want to Be, from A to Z - Jessie Ford and Sugar Snap Studio

See below for directions and supplies: 

  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Colored pencils 
  • Stickers or Ribbon
  1. Find a printable doll of your choice
  2. Print out the template
  3. Customize and color in the doll template
  4. Cut out the doll of your choice
  5. Use a glue stick to attach it to a popsicle stick
  6. Add extra accessories to your doll!

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