Miamohalla Dress Characteristics

Miamohalla Dress Characteristics

March 03, 2020

All of our Miamohalla dresses are unique, below are some key characteristics that make them so special. 

Machine Washable:  Yes you heard right, all Miamohalla dresses are machine washable.  We ensure this characteristic because we would never want style to hinder daily activities.  These dresses are perfect for children on the go, messy eaters or curious kids.

Comfortability:  Sometimes it’s hard to get kids into fashionable clothing options.  Our dresses are designed for comfort. All Miamohalla dresses come in soft, non-itchy material made for even the pickiest fashionistas.

Smocking:  No Miamohalla dress has a duplicate because the smocking on each dress is hand-crafted.  Smocking is a unique craft that is handed down by skilled artisans from generation to generation.  Some of the smocking embroidery includes a combination mini flowers, diamonds, zig-zags, and/or stripes to create complex detail and a special effect for each dress.

Princess Sleeves:  An important feature of most of our dresses are the adorable princess sleeves.  They add definition to each dress and create a statement. The sleeves definitely make any little girl feel like a true princess!

Different Necklines: While most of our dresses have princess sleeves, the necklines of the dresses vary from style to style.  The three most common ones are the circular, square and collared neckline.

Circular: The circular neckline is a more casual touch to the Miamohalla dresses.  They are the most common amongst all of our collections.
Collared:  Only a few of our dresses are collared but they will surely make your little one stand out.  The styles include peter pan, ruffle and circular bibb.
Square: The square neckline is a clean cut for the Miamohalla dresses.  It frames the head and shoulders perfectly.

Bright Colors:  Our dresses encompass the full ROY G BIV spectrum.  From soft pastels to bold statement colors there is a option for everyone, every mood and every day of the week!  


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