Made in Kerala, with love and blessings

Made in Kerala, with love and blessings

September 17, 2019

Today, we live in a world where conscious consumerism is driving an effective and impactful change in various industries.  Just how so many of us choose to eat healthier, we also choose to buy from small businesses that are pledging to make a difference in the lives of their employees and workers.  Kubra Sait said, “Asking questions is the first way to begin change.” Miamohalla values honesty, transparency and social responsibility, so today, we’ve decided to explore and answer the question: “Where are your clothes made?” 

Miamohalla products are handcrafted with an abundance of love and blessings in the beautiful state of Kerala, India.  We are so proud and honored to have our clothes manufactured in a state where the literacy rate is the highest in the country!  Here are a few facts about Kerala that will make you want to pack up your bags for the trip of a lifetime!

  • Kerala is known as “God’s Own Country” 

Kerala means “Land of Coconuts”.  Most well known for the beautiful fields of coconuts, elephants and backwaters, this state is like a paradise on earth! 

  • It has the highest female-to-male ratio in India 

On top of having the highest literacy rate, for every 1000 males, there are 1084 females in Kerala.  This is polar opposite from most states in India, and it shows how this blessed state welcomes little girls with open arms! 

  • Kerala is known for their Ayurveda

The green and serene state of Kerala is also a soul-refreshing state that has pioneered Ayurvedic treatments from ancient times and is still known to use Ayurvedic treatments over modern medicine.  It also has the first Ayurvedic Resort in the world — the Somatheeram. 


  • Kerala celebrates the highest number of festivals

Kerala is truly a diverse state in India, you’ll find a church, a temple and a mosque at every corner. In fact the first Church, Mosque and Synagogue of India are in Kerala!

  • Spice Coast of India with a vast variety of herbs

Also known as the spice garden of India, Kerala harbors a wide range of herbs and spices.  Prepare your appetites because you’ll never be disappointed by the flavorful dishes that will leave you wanting more! 

Filled with so many natural treasures and landscapes — Misty hills, quaint backwaters, lush fields and dense forests teeming with rare plants and exquisite wildlife, Kerala is serene and breathtaking.  

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