Lessons Learned from Frozen II

Lessons Learned from Frozen II

December 10, 2019

We had the good fortune of sneaking out to the movies over the long holiday weekend to see the NEW Frozen movie! Frozen II was a fantastic sequel and full of wonderful life lessons so we wanted to share some of our favorites!

1.  Magic of Sisterhood:  Throughout Frozen II there is the continuous theme of the importance of sisterhood.  Sisterhood is a strong, unbreakable bond between two or more individuals. It provides key characteristics such as support, inspiration, and accountability to get through the highs and lows of life.  While we use the term “sisterhood” this term is not inclusive to familial sisters, it can be any strong bond between you and another person!

2. Confidence is Key:  As the saying goes, confidence is the best accessory one can wear.  Sisters, Elsa and Anna, exude confidence in the movie to get through the toughest of hurdles.  Confidence is a great characteristic that every little one should have. It’s an important developmental factor and will greatly help kids be successful later on in life.

3. Embrace the Unknown:  Frozen II is a story of an epic adventure as Anna and Elsa approach the unknown.  While the unknown can be scary, being able to confront it will help kids grow as individuals.  The unknown could be as little as trying a new activity or introducing themselves to a new classmate.  Starting out small can help build up to greater risks in the future. Who knows, maybe they could be meeting their best friend for life?!

4. Vulnerability Makes You Stronger:  At one point in the movie Anna becomes very vulnerable, which we think is so important!  Sometimes in society, opening up and expressing vulnerability is frowned upon. Conveying emotion is an important step in moving on and in the end, makes one stronger.

5. Humor is the Best Remedy:  As our friend Olaf demonstrates, humor is the best remedy.  With his quick wit throughout the movie, we love his comedic release in tense situations.  Humor adds color to life and makes every day so much better.


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