Green Means Go Ahead and Read the Blog!

Green Means Go Ahead and Read the Blog!

January 14, 2020

“Even in winter it shall be green in my heart”--Frederic Chopin

The winter can be cold and dreary, but that doesn’t stop our color series!  See below to learn about the history, symbolism/psychology, and idioms/sayings about the fresh color.


The color green was not found in Neolithic cave paintings but Neolithic people in Europe made green dye for clothing.  However, this dye was not like the green we think of today, it was murky and more like the color brown. The color was later prominently used in ancient Egypt and Rome.  In Egypt it was used in cave paintings, clothing dye, and facial make up. The color symbolized regeneration and rebirth. In Rome the color was recognized because it was the color of Venus, goddess of gardens, vegetables, and vineyards.  Later during the Renaissance, green denoted rank and profession.

Symbolism & Psychology

The color green represents life, nature, rebirth, springtime, and freshness.  The color can be associated with money, envy, safety, and good luck. Green is known to be the most relaxing color to humans and oftentimes the color of hospital rooms.  It can instill individuals with stability, endurance, and calmness

Idioms and Sayings

Go green

- Making environmentally friendly decisions


Green thumb

- Someone is good at gardening


Given the green light

- Affirmation that it is okay to do something


Grass is always greener on the other side

- When things other people have look better than yours, even though this may not be true


To be green

- To be new at something

Green is an amazing color that composes the natural world.  We are so lucky to still be surrounded by its beauty. Green is proven to have positive effects on the mind so maybe everyone should wear a little more green!

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