Girl Power!

Girl Power!

January 07, 2020

2018 was the Year of the Woman but in our eyes, every year should be. Women should be empowered at a young age so they have confidence to live fearlessly throughout their lives. Young children are the future and in no time, will be defining society. Prime examples of young individuals changing the world are Greta Thunberg and Emma Gonzalez. They serve as an inspiration to us all and public figures everyone can look up to


1. Teach Self-Love—In an age where technology is abundant, it is easy to get caught up in the idea of perfection. Social media and advertisements can distort perceptions of many concepts such as, the meaning of the word “beautiful.” These unfair perceptions can be hard to hide from a child. Therefore, children should be taught self-love so they create their own definition of beauty. Children should also be taught to love who they are because everyone is unique. Uniqueness adds value to society and makes the world a much more interesting and stimulating place to live.

2. Teach Respect— Throughout life children will meet people who are different. Even though people are different, it is important for children to recognize the differences and learn how to respect everyone they encounter. We live in a diverse world and everyone deserves the same amount of respect. Respect will also yield other positive traits such as open mindedness, tolerance, and listening skills. With these important traits on hand, strong relationships will form with family, friends, and peers.

3. Encourage Curiosity—Curiosity used to be frowned upon (e.g. “curiosity killed the cat”), but in reality, curious thoughts are the wheels that keep society moving. From new inventions or deciphering wrong from right, curiosity has helped accomplish amazing feats in the world. Encouraging curiosity at a young age opens limitless doors in the future. It makes children comfortable with new conversation and open to learning about new topics.

4. Give Independence—While it may be hard to let your little one be independent at first, they will thank you in the future. Life is full of decision making, some more important than others. Soon enough children will have to make decisions on their own, and the previous autonomy will sway them in the right direction. Additionally, independence is important because it is a key factor for learning how to be responsible. Learning to be responsible is significant because children are simultaneously taught accountability and dependability.

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