Games to Fire up the Brains

Games to Fire up the Brains

August 24, 2020

It is super important to get those brains fired up again, even if learning is remote! We put together three fun games that will get your children back in school mode and ready to get their minds moving.  



  • Grab 10-15 pieces of paper and a ball or dart
  • Cut the sheets of paper into circles
  • Write 1 math problem on the back of each target, vary the difficulty of the problems depending on the age of the players
  • Tape the circles to a flat surface such as a wall, door or floor
  • Stand back and aim!!
  • Every time a player hits a target, they must complete the math problem on the sheet



Super-size Scrabble

  • Grab enough pieces of paper (OR pieces of scrap wood if you are feeling crafty) to make 2 full decks of each letter of the alphabet
  • Enjoy playing the game inside or outside, where ever has the most space
  • Challenge the players to spell different words.  Here are a few ideas:
    • The longest word they can think of
    • The shortest word they can think of
    • Their name
    • Two words that rhyme
    • An Animal
    • Their favorite color
    • A Fruit
    • A word that starts with a "Z"
    • Something they can find outside



Do the math: Tennis Ball Pick-up Style

  • Grab about 30 tennis balls and two buckets
  • Label each tennis ball with a number 1-50
    • Keep the high numbers scarce!
  • Disperse the tennis balls across your yard or room
  • One-by-one team members collect the balls and empty them back in the bucket
  • Once all balls are collected, both teams add up the numbers & that team with the larger number is victorious!

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