Feeling blue? Read me!

Feeling blue? Read me!

November 19, 2019

“A pop of color never hurts--especially when the color is blue”  As Winter gets closer, we’ve decided to introduce a “cooler” shade in our color series.  Blue, a late bloomer in the ROY-G-BIV family, is a calming color loved by all.



We are surrounded by the color blue, however, it was spoken about and created much later than other colors such as reds, black, purples, and pinks. In modern European languages, the color blue is derived from black and green.  In ancient history, the color blue did not have its own name. For example, Homer mentioned many colors but when describing the color of the sea, he uses the descriptor “wine-dark”. The color blue didn’t get a descriptor until the Egyptians started producing it around 2500 BC. The Ancient Egyptians, coined their blue, Egyptian Blue, and used it on pottery, jewelry, wood, papyrus, and canvas.  Today the color blue is very important and most popularly associated with blue jeans.



Symbolism and Psychology

The color blue represents the sea, sky, open spaces, and freedom. The color is associated with depth and stability while symbolizing many positive qualities such as trust, loyalty, confidence, wisdom, and truth. Blue is known to calm the mind and body and put people to sleep. In some religions, the color is believed to bring peace or fend off bad spirits.



Idioms and Sayings

Once in a blue moon

- Something that doesn’t happen regularly


Out of the blue

- An unexpected occurrence 


Feeling blue

- When someone feels sad or under the weather


Blue sky thinking

- Brainstorming with no limits



Blue is a relaxing color that instills confidence and trust, no wonder it is the most liked color in America!  We offer five shades of beautiful blue dresses, which one is your favorite??

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