Fashionable Kid Influencers to Follow

Fashionable Kid Influencers to Follow

April 21, 2020

There are so many fashionable kid influencers that are changing the fashion game.  Check out a few of our favorites!



Featured on this Instagram are the adorable kiddos, Amelia and Bianca along with their mom, Cissi.  Amelia and Bianca are always dressed head to toe in glamorous outfits. The Instagram aesthetic is a beautiful pastel overtone that is easy to get lost in.



Jayla is the adorable daughter of Michelle and Jon and sister of Kennedy.  She’s always pictured wearing the cutest, trendy outfits. We love the silly, laid back vibe of her Instagram.  It always puts a smile on our face!



Bia Holanda is a mini fashion blogger from Brazil who sports the newest trends.  She always has the best poses which bring out her fun-loving personality. We love her spunky style and want all the clothes she wears.



Mackenzie Fulcher’s two daughters, Eleanor and Isla, are the definition of fashion-forward yet super comfy.  They are always pictured wearing beautiful, soft pastels and earth tones. Their smiles are contagious!



This Instagram account features photographer Jodye Sabatini’s fashionista daughter, Lucca.  Her aesthetic is flowy and frilly which we love! Not only are the outfits amazing, but the photographs are also captivating.  We could get lost for hours!



Sada, mother of Celine and Chloe, runs an Instagram featuring her two daughters in very cute get-ups.  The girls always look like they are having so much fun showing off their new looks. The Instagram aesthetic is very pink, which makes it one of our favorites. 



Millie-Belle Diamond is a fashion-forward kiddo from Australia.  She always rocks the cutest outfits and the latest trends. If you need some fashion inspiration, definitely check this gal out.

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