Every girl should be well RED 🌹

Every girl should be well RED 🌹

September 10, 2019

Derek Jarman said, “Painters use red like spice.” The color on the highest arc of the rainbow, red is the color of extremes that is hard to go unnoticed. The color denotes both war and love, it’s sensual but assertive. Red has more personal associations than any other color. 


Historically, after black and white, red is the first hue to have a name in all languages. For a long time, red was the only recognized “color”. Its primary role is explained by its reference to 2 principles -- fire and blood. Every culture and society in ancient times encountered the 2 naturally occurring elements that carry the color red. Even today, if you flip through a dictionary, most of them define red as “having the color of fire or blood”. 

Symbolism and Psychology 

While red has different meanings in different cultures, it is recognized as the color of the stop sign internationally. The fierce and fiery color is so striking that it can be used to draw people’s attention more effortlessly. Red is an intense color that represents a spectrum of emotions ranging from passion and love to anger and violence. 

Red Idioms and Sayings 

Red Letter Day 

  • A memorable, joyful day.

Roll out the red carpet

  • To greet and welcome a person with a lot of respect and celebration.

Catch someone red-handed

  • To catch a person doing something they were not supposed to be doing.

Paint the town red

  • To go out into a city or town and have an enjoyable time, typically by visiting various establishments, such as bars,restaurants, clubs, etc.

Red herring

  • Something irrelevant that diverts attention away from the main problem or issue.

Red is a unique, dynamic and eye-catching color packed with so many emotions and feelings. Josef Albers said, “If one says ‘Red’ – the name of color – and there are fifty people listening, it can be expected that there will be fifty reds in their minds. And one can be sure that all these reds will be very different.” Such is the presence and impact of red in people’s lives! Red is one of the top two favorite colors of all people, and we are no different! The Red Miamohalla dresses are one of our most catchy, popular and loved hues that little girls love to twirl in, just like the emoji! 💃💃💃

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