Dresses Defining Childhood

Dresses Defining Childhood

September 24, 2019

At Miamohalla, we are determined to create dresses that are defining childhood. How do we do that? 

Several studies have shown that outdoor play contributes to a healthy development process and has positive effects on a child’s physical health, mental wellbeing as well as cognitive and social development. We truly believe that outdoor play shape childhood experiences and every child, regardless of their social and economic status deserves the right to positive environments and opportunities that can help them reach their potential. Our partner, Crossover India helps us with this mission. When you buy a dress for your little angel, you’re also helping a child in India to stay in school. Proceeds from each purchase goes directly to send under-priviledged kids in India to camp, where coaches use Basketball as a vehicle of change to motivate kids to finish school and create future space for gender equality in order to pursue their passion and conquer their dreams.  


What is camp and how are we achieving this goal? 

Camp: Hoops Creating Hope. 

Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy organizes several impact programs throughout the year that are designed to expose kids to Crossover’s Five Pillars of Success: Leadership, Gender Equity, Character, Teamwork, and Communication.

A camp is a 2-week program where kids have the opportunity to gain knowledge through guided experiential and interactive learning, by using Basketball as a vehicle of change. Kids are able to gain skills outside of the classroom, learn lessons from student-athletes and coaches about team building, self-confidence and connect them to their academics. 

While India’s school drop out rate is 62%, Crossover participant drop out rate is 15%. We are truly inspired by the impact that Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy has in the lives of children who otherwise don’t have the means to find support and encouragement in their community. Therefore we are happy to announce that for every 10 dresses purchased, 1 child is able to attend camp and find support from mohalla (community) of coaches and students that inspire kids to work hard and finish high-school! 


Childhood is such a precious, fleeting time, and every minute is crucial for kids to spend learning to be confident and growing strong with love and motivation from their families and the mohalla (community) around them. Wrapped in innocence and creativity, every kid deserves a happy and healthy childhood. 


We’re committed to making clothes that are defining childhood. Each one of our dresses is handcrafted by strong, independent and caring women in Kerala. We use sustainable, easy care fabrics that are good for the little one’s skin and machine washable so the mammas have to never worry about the stain scaries.  Our hope is to make your little one feel like a warrior princess in the colorful, one-of-a-kind dresses as she embarks on her various childhood adventures. 


Join us in this mission to define childhood’s greatest moments for all kids and the future leaders of the world. Shop our vibrant, handcrafted dresses that will add magic to your princess’ world and help a child in India graduate from high-school. Let’s make dreams come true, one dress at a time!

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