2020 New Years Resolution Ideas for Your Little One

2020 New Years Resolution Ideas for Your Little One

December 31, 2019

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for adults!  Try sharing these ideas with your child so you both can start the New Year on the right foot.

Putting Away Personal Items

If you’re looking to help your kids be more responsible in the New Year, encourage them to start putting their personal items back where they belong.  These items can be toys and or clothes. Start out small, with a few items, so they get used to the responsibility and slowly add more things to the list.  Soon these tasks will become second nature and you won’t have to remind your little one as much.

Getting out to Play on Sunny Days

This is a great New Years resolution for you and your little one to tackle together especially during the colder months.  Any day you see sun, make an effort to get outside even if it’s for as little as 20 minutes. Your body will surely appreciate the extra vitamin D.

Trying New Food

We always think it’s great for kids to learn to be a little adventurous and what a great way to practice by trying new foods?  It also spurs curiosity and can be good for overall health. The new food doesn’t always have to be limited to healthy options but can also be fun, such as a new sweet!


Keeping Room Clean

Keeping rooms clean is a sometimes a struggle for everyone, so it’s a great task to learn at a young age.  If your little one’s room is always in a state of disarray pick one day of the week for them to dedicate to cleaning.  After a little while, maybe suggest them cleaning it every other night before they go to bed this way it will eventually stay clean throughout the week!


Eating Veggies

Not everyone loves veggies as much as the Veggie Monster, but they are important to have for a balanced diet.  If eating veggies is a struggle for your little one, work them into their diet slowly. For the first two weeks, make it a rule to have one serving of veggies one meal a day.  Slowly work up to having one serving of veggies during every meal or even introducing them into snacks! Their bodies will surely appreciate the nutrients.

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