Miamohalla Musings

Games to Fire up the Brains
August 24, 2020

Games to Fire up the Brains

It is super important to get those brains fired up again, even if learning is remote! We put together three fun games that will get your children back in school mode and ready to get their minds moving.  



  • Grab 10-15 pieces of paper and a ball or dart
  • Cut the sheets of paper into circles
  • Write 1 math problem on the back of each target, vary the difficulty of the problems depending on the age of the players
  • Tape the circles to a flat surface such as a wall, door or floor
  • Stand back and aim!!
  • Every time a player hits a target, they must complete the math problem on the sheet



Super-size Scrabble

  • Grab enough pieces of paper (OR pieces of scrap wood if you are feeling crafty) to make 2 full decks of each letter of the alphabet
  • Enjoy playing the game inside or outside, where ever has the most space
  • Challenge the players to spell different words.  Here are a few ideas:
    • The longest word they can think of
    • The shortest word they can think of
    • Their name
    • Two words that rhyme
    • An Animal
    • Their favorite color
    • A Fruit
    • A word that starts with a "Z"
    • Something they can find outside



Do the math: Tennis Ball Pick-up Style

  • Grab about 30 tennis balls and two buckets
  • Label each tennis ball with a number 1-50
    • Keep the high numbers scarce!
  • Disperse the tennis balls across your yard or room
  • One-by-one team members collect the balls and empty them back in the bucket
  • Once all balls are collected, both teams add up the numbers & that team with the larger number is victorious!

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July 28, 2020

Style Your Own Mask, It Is Quite the Fun Task

The future is SO bright, but not quite here yet… wearing masks is not only a highly recommended practice across the country, but in some places a mandatory practice yet again

While our kids may not always be out and about with us, it is important that when they are…they are fully protected AND even more so… comfortable in a mask and our situation as a whole!

The following tips are important for us adults to keep in mind…
  1. Use simple words to explain why others are wearing masks
  2. Gives kids time to take it all in
  3. Answer their questions!
  4. Give support!

And now to the FUN… homemade MASK making! 

Step 1: Find an old t-shirt, bandana or scarf

(KEY: find a fabric with their favorite pattern or color… 100% cotton is ideal)

Step 2: Throw the piece of fabric into the washer and dryer 

Step 3: Simply cut off 4-5 inches off the bottom of your t-shirt 

Step 4: Cut into the mask making a sideways “U” shape - this will make the ties for your mask

Step 5: Cut your ties so that you can retie the mask around your head

Step 6: Adjust your mask to make a snug fit around your nose and chin

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Save it for a Rainy Day
July 14, 2020

Save it for a Rainy Day

Write Made Snail Mail Cards

Have your children pick out two or three people they’d like to write to. It may be a friend or a relative, after all we have been in quarantine for quite some time. Your kids will be practicing penmanship skills without even knowing it!


Oobleck + Seussville

Whether your child is a fan of Dr. Seuss or not, making homemade goop aka oobleck is full of fun. At one moment it’s a solid, and the next a liquid. The fun even continues after it is made, as goop is silly and quite riveting to play with!

If you don’t have the Dr. Seuss book Bartholomew and the Oobleck, you can check out Seussville online for interactive fun in conjunction with this activity.


Bake A Cake

Mug cake is hassle free (and delicious!) to make with your kids. Since you just pop it in the microwave, you’re not only cutting your “baking” time to about a minute, but you get a delicious dessert without heating up the house – making it the perfect summer treat!


Bring the Outdoors In

Indoor camping is just a matter of setting the scene. With the right food and the right décor, your kids will get an outdoor camping experience inside your own home!

Instead of pitching a tent, have them make a fort out of pillow and blankets. When it’s ready for dinner, turn on a fireplace video, and enjoy a cookout inspired menu. From burgers and pigs in a blanket to topping the night off with S'mores, your kids with be ready to curl up in their tent for a solid night’s rest.



Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt around your house where your kids have to find an object that starts with each letter of the alphabet. You can even give your kids an incentive to play by making it a soft competition. Maybe winner gets to pick what's for dinner?


Craft A Personal Pizza

Bake your own personal pizzas and make dinner fun, rather than a hassle! With everyone involved, your kids are not only guaranteed to love their own meal but learn a few culinary skills while doing it. All you need is personal pizza dough for each member, flour, tomato sauce and an assortment of toppings!

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Miamohalla Printable Paper Dolls
July 07, 2020

Miamohalla Printable Paper Dolls

This month we want to emphasize the importance of inclusivity. A fun way to practice this is by creating your own unique paper doll! You can make this as “arts and crafty” as you feel fit. 

The whole idea behind crafting paper dolls is for your kids to then listen and learn. Learn why they chose various colors and different accessories.

Have each doll tell a story! The best way to teach inclusivity, love, respect, and kindness is by modeling it. 

Start the conversation and have fun while doing it with the songs and books listed below! 

Classic Songs by StoryBots | NetFlix Jr. 

Sesame Street songs about Diversity, Inclusion and Affirmation 

I Like Myself - Karen Beaumont 

The Skin You Live In - Michael Tyler

ABC for Me: ABC What Can She Be?: Girls Can Be Anything They Want to Be, from A to Z - Jessie Ford and Sugar Snap Studio

See below for directions and supplies: 

  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Colored pencils 
  • Stickers or Ribbon
  1. Find a printable doll of your choice
  2. Print out the template
  3. Customize and color in the doll template
  4. Cut out the doll of your choice
  5. Use a glue stick to attach it to a popsicle stick
  6. Add extra accessories to your doll!

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Miamohalla’s Must Try Coloring Pages
June 30, 2020

Miamohalla’s Must Try Coloring Pages

We’ve compiled links to some amazing FREE coloring pages to help pass the time.  From Astronauts to Unicorns there is surely something for everyone!

  1. Crayola’s Disney Coloring Page Archive:  Love Disney? Your little one is sure to find their favorite character in Crayola’s collection.
  2. Crayola’s Adult Coloring Page Archive:  Parents or grandparents want to join too?  Here are some more advanced pages for individuals that are looking for a little more of a challenge.
  3. Just Color Coloring Pages:  Animals galore! Cats, dogs, elephants, insects and more.
  4. Michael O’Mara Unicorn Coloring Pages:  Whimsical unicorn coloring pages doused with rainbows, flowers and cupcakes.
  5. Super Coloring Legos:  We thought that you could only build with Legos, looks like you can color them too!
  6. Get Coloring Pages Astronauts:  To infinity and beyond! Can your family not stop talking about SpaceX?  Here are some astronaut coloring pages to fuel your excitement.
  7. Get Coloring Pages Fairies:  There are many different types of fairies in this collection.  Check it out to find your favorite.
  8. Super Coloring Dogs:  Can’t find your favorite dog to color?  Look no further! This link has every type of dog you could imagine.
  9. Get Coloring Pages LOL Surprise Dolls:  If your child loves LOL Surprise Dolls, these are the pages for you.  So many dolls with different styles you’ll never run out of coloring pages.  
  10. Super Coloring Minions:  Super Coloring has an amazing library of fun Minions pictures organized by your favorite Minion.

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Let's Get Active!
June 23, 2020

Let's Get Active!

Looking for something to do to get your kids out of the house?  Perfect!  Below are a couple of ways to have your kids explore the great outdoors while they play.



Little Gardeners

Encourage your kids to use their green thumb by teaching them to garden with this super cool Children’s Vegetable Garden Kit sold on Etsy (yay small businesses!).  Complete with terra cotta pots, seeds, paint and cute instruction cards, your child will be able to channel their inner creativity, while simultaneously learning what it takes to care for the planet.


Balloon Volleyball

Set up a court by dividing the yard in half marking it with sticks, rope or rocks.  Blow up a balloon and have your kids hit it back and forth as they stay on their own sides.  Play games until the first individual reaches 11 and then switch sides!



 Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

I think we can all agree that Watermelon is by far the best summer snack.  While your kids are snacking on this wonderful treat, start the seed spitting contest for some good family competition.  Have your kids line up in a row and see who can spit the seeds the farthest.  Whoever is the winner, gets another piece of watermelon!!


Summer Night Stargazing

When the days are too hot, opt for a night time outdoor activity instead.  Bring a blanket and perhaps a few treats and lay out underneath the stars.  Download this kid-friendly app called Star Walks Kids to learn more about star charts as you spend the night star gazing.



Nature Walk

Take a nature walk!  After all, hiking with the kids is not about the miles, but the smiles.  Use the Plant ID app to identify flowers, plants & trees along your scenic stroll.  You’d be surprised by how much you can learn about nature with the snap of a photo.

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The Yellow Brick Road to Happiness
May 26, 2020

The Yellow Brick Road to Happiness


 “Sunshine, a light which, for want of a better word I can only call yellow—pale sulphur yellow, pale lemon, gold. How beautiful yellow is!”

—Vincent Van Gogh


Along with red yellow is one of the oldest colors used in art.  Usage of the color dates back around 17,000 years ago to cave paintings found in France.  The Ancient Egyptians and Romans also incorporated yellow into their art.  FUN FACT, for skin color, the Egyptians and Romans used ochre in their work.  More recently than the ancient and prehistoric times, yellow was used by painters in the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist eras. For example, Vincent Van Gogh used it prominently in many of his paintings such as Starry Night, Sunflowers and Farmhouse in Provence. (Source) 

Symbolism and Psychology:

Yellow has two associations, one great and the other not so great.  We’ll focus on the great!  Yellow represents sunshine, happiness, optimism, hope, energy and enlightenment.  Some research has shown that exposing individuals to the color yellow can help “activate the memory, encourage communication, enhance vision, build confidence and stimulate the nervous system.” (Source)  Yellow is a striking color and when paired with black black, they are used around the globe for traffic and warning signs. (Source) (Source)  Another interesting fact is that it is often used in advertisements directed towards children (Source), think of Crayola Products, Tonka Trucks, Minions, Goldfish, Winnie the Pooh, etc., it’s everywhere!  

Idioms and Sayings:

Sunshine Yellow

  • Description for a color

Yellow Brick Road

  • A metaphorical road leading to good fortune or adventure

Yellow Light

  • Slow down!!

Yellow Bellied

  • Someone who is timid

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Miamohalla's Memorable Memorial Day Activities
May 19, 2020

Miamohalla's Memorable Memorial Day Activities

Looking for something to do this Memorial Day?  We got you covered.  We’ve picked out some fun, patriotic activities for everyone in the family.


Patriotic Pancakes

Using regular pancake batter, add in strawberries and blueberries for a festive feel and delicious taste.  If you prefer to have plain pancakes, use the strawberries and blueberries as a topping and add a touch of whipped cream as a special addition.


Faux Beach Day

Can’t make it to the beach this year?  Wear your bathing suit all day and accessorize with goggles, flippers, floaties, sunglasses and more.  Set up a sprinkler in the yard and have some fun in the sun.  If you don’t have the ability to venture outdoors, turn your bathtub into a pool.  Bring all your water proof toys, especially of the sea creature variety, and start having some fun.


Sidewalk Art

Have some fun, and brighten up someone else’s day by decorating the sidewalk with chalk.  Feel free to get as patriotic as you want by using red, blue and white chalk.  Draw pictures or write words of encouragement, people are sure to love the gesture.


Night Time Shadow Show

Hang a bed sheet from the ceiling and set up a light behind the sheet.  Have your kids go behind the sheet and make shadow puppets with their hands.  If they can’t get enough of this fun activity, have them tell a story or put on a play with shadow puppets.


Picnic Time!

Plan a picnic lunch or dinner for you and your family.  If you don’t have the space or the ability to go outside, set a picnic blanket down in your living room and have the feast there!  Maybe bring those Patriotic Pancakes to your feast?

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Miamohalla’s Favorite Fun-Time Limericks
May 12, 2020

Miamohalla’s Favorite Fun-Time Limericks

Today is National Limerick day!  Every May 12th is National Limerick day because it’s Limerick master Edward Leer’s birthday.  Limericks are fun poems with a AABBA rhyme scheme.  Below are some of our favorite Limericks that are sure to make you giggle.


Old Lady of France by Edward Leer


There was an old lady of France, 

Who taught little ducklings to dance;

When she said, “Tick-a-tack!”

they only said, “Quack!”

Which grieved that old lady of France.



The Lost Cat by Shel Silverstein


We can’t find the cat.

We don’t know where she’s at.

Oh, where did she go?

Does anyone know?

Let’s ask this walking hat.



Owl Named Stu by Anonymous


I know this big owl named Stu,

Who stays up all night yelling, “Hoo!”

Once an old man walked by

And he started to cry,

And answered, “I don’t have a clue!”



By Activity Village


There once was a lady called Tilly

Her favorite supper was chili

She ate it with jam,

Green onions and ham, 

A mixture that’s really quite silly!



There was an Old Man with a Beard by Edward Leer


There was an Old Man with a beard,

Who said, “It is just as I feared!--

Two Owls and a Hen, four Larks and a Wren,

Have all built their nests in my beard.



Fly on the Wall by Anonymous


There once was a fly on the wall

I wonder why it didn’t fall

Because its feet stuck 

Or was it just luck

Or does gravity miss things so small?

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Miamohalla’s Favorite Instagram Influencer Hairstylists
May 05, 2020

Miamohalla’s Favorite Instagram Influencer Hairstylists

Feeling like you or your little one’s hair needs pick-me-up?  Get inspired by some of our favorite Instagram hairstylists.



Mariya is the hairstylist for the @brianasbraids account.   She is the mother of two adorable little girls that are featured in the photos.  We love this account because not only are the hairstyles beautiful, but she has an incredibly informative YouTube channel to recreate the perfect hairstyles.



Rosa Calleja creates some incredible looks.  This account has a wide variety of styles including up-dos, pony-tails, pigtails and half-down looks.  Rosa is clearly very talented as all the looks are very intricate and perfectly crafted.  Can you please come fix our hair?!?



Chelsea Sheer, mom of four beautiful children, runs this amazing hair DIY account.  We love how creative she gets by incorporating ribbon, flowers, bows and string into the looks.  Her Instagram is also well organized so you can find hairstyles and tutorials easily in the memories section.



Patricia Kaylani runs the @pr3ttygirl79 hair account.  We love this account because the hairstyles are so creative and unlike any we’ve seen on Instagram.  There is a hairstyle for every season, holiday or occasion, you will never run out of ideas.  



Nina Starck is an incredible hairstylist.  Her looks are extremely intricate and breathtaking.  While Nina does some looks for kids, she also has amazing looks for adults!  Her YouTube has a ton of tutorials and tips for everyone out there.



Elisabet is a stylist and mother to adorable daughters with fabulous hair.  We love the variety of styles, there is sure to be one for every occasion.  Don’t miss her YouTube channel with a vast archive of tutorials.

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At-Home Educational Activities
April 28, 2020

At-Home Educational Activities

Who doesn’t want to learn more? As Dr. Suess said,

The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 

Set aside some indoor time everyday to challenge yourself!  Below is a list of fun, educational activities to try out at home!


Math Activity

Try this crafty math activity.  Learning is always more fun with art!  

  1. Cut out three crowns
  2. Label the crowns 1, 2, & 3
  3. Have your little one find 1, 2, & 3 things to glue onto the correct crowns.  You can use anything from marbles to googly eyes to goldfish.  Use your creativity!

Dog Bone Measuring Activity

Learning to measure is a great skill to have.  A way to make it fun is to measure objects in dog bones!  Cut out 10-15 pieces of the dog bone image shown above.  Have your little one go around the house finding objects to measure with dog bones.  Lay the object on the ground, and the paper bones next to it.  Have your little one count how many bones equal the length of an object.  Practice writing names and numbers by filling in the blanks:


We measured with dog bones!


________ is ________ dog bones tall.

________ is ________ dog bones tall.

________ is ________ dog bones tall.

________ is ________ dog bones tall.

________ is ________ dog bones long.

________ is ________ dog bones long.

________ is ________ dog bones long.

________ is ________ dog bones long.



Letter Learning Fun

On 4-6 pieces of paper write one, common letter of the alphabet, on each.  Spread them out on the floor and have your little one collect objects around the house that start with these letters.  Place the objects around the sheets of paper and see what you can collect!



Human Anatomy Activity

While practicing math is fun, it’s important to broaden knowledge with other subjects.  Check out this cool video on the lungs and then try the lung craft activity below!

What you’ll need:

  • Tape
  • Brown lunch bags
  • Straws
  • Markers

First decorate your lungs however you like, we’ve provided a picture above to give you some ideas.  Next, attach the straws to the tops of the paper bags with tape.  Make sure there are no holes.  Then, blow in and out of the straws and see the lungs in action!



Goldfish Color Learning Activity

With a box of colored goldfish, pour out a handful and have your little one sort the fish by color.  Once sorted, practice naming the colors.  Add more fun to the activity by counting out the amount of goldfish in each color category.



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Fashionable Kid Influencers to Follow
April 21, 2020

Fashionable Kid Influencers to Follow

There are so many fashionable kid influencers that are changing the fashion game.  Check out a few of our favorites!



Featured on this Instagram are the adorable kiddos, Amelia and Bianca along with their mom, Cissi.  Amelia and Bianca are always dressed head to toe in glamorous outfits. The Instagram aesthetic is a beautiful pastel overtone that is easy to get lost in.



Jayla is the adorable daughter of Michelle and Jon and sister of Kennedy.  She’s always pictured wearing the cutest, trendy outfits. We love the silly, laid back vibe of her Instagram.  It always puts a smile on our face!



Bia Holanda is a mini fashion blogger from Brazil who sports the newest trends.  She always has the best poses which bring out her fun-loving personality. We love her spunky style and want all the clothes she wears.



Mackenzie Fulcher’s two daughters, Eleanor and Isla, are the definition of fashion-forward yet super comfy.  They are always pictured wearing beautiful, soft pastels and earth tones. Their smiles are contagious!



This Instagram account features photographer Jodye Sabatini’s fashionista daughter, Lucca.  Her aesthetic is flowy and frilly which we love! Not only are the outfits amazing, but the photographs are also captivating.  We could get lost for hours!



Sada, mother of Celine and Chloe, runs an Instagram featuring her two daughters in very cute get-ups.  The girls always look like they are having so much fun showing off their new looks. The Instagram aesthetic is very pink, which makes it one of our favorites. 



Millie-Belle Diamond is a fashion-forward kiddo from Australia.  She always rocks the cutest outfits and the latest trends. If you need some fashion inspiration, definitely check this gal out.

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Fun Spring Activities
April 14, 2020

Fun Spring Activities

Just as excited for spring as we are? Get into the springtime groove with these fun DIY activities.

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Get some fresh air by setting up a backyard scavenger hunt for your little one.  This idea is super easy and just takes a little bit of thought and imagination to come to life.  In the scavenger hunt have your kids look for things like:

  • A bird
  • Find something that is yellow
  • Find something that smells good
  • Find and collect 3 rocks
  • Name something you see in the sky

Expand on these ideas to make your scavenger hunt as long or as short as you wish.


Rock Painting

Take those rocks that you found in the scavenger hunt (or from outside), and give them a good cleaning.  Once they are clean, let your little one paint whatever their heart desires on this unconventional medium (add googly eyes, if you have them, for extra fun).  The rocks can then go back outside as decoration in the garden or somewhere on display in the home.

Hand Painted Plants

What You’ll Need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint 
  • Glue

Dip your hand in green paint and press it onto the middle of your piece of paper (this is your plant).  Cut out the shape of a pot on construction paper and glue it to the bottom of your printed hand. Next dip your fingertips in a flower colored paint and press around the fingers of the green hand print (these are your flowers).  If you’re feeling ambitious, add some birds or clouds in the background!


Flower Press Crafts

Go outside and collect 5-10 wild flowers in your backyard or nearby park.  Once back inside, put the flowers in between two paper towels and place a heavy book on top.  Leave the book on the flowers for two days. Once the flowers are dried and flattened, paste them onto a sheet of paper.  Add other details to your masterpiece such as grass, birds, soil or clouds using markers, colored pencils or crayons.

Drama Class Puppet Show

Rainy day? Show this YouTube video to your kids by Shayna’s Drama Class, they are sure to have a great time!  In this video your kids will walk through a drama warmup, listen to a 3 little pigs story, watch a 3 little pigs puppet show and then shown how to make their own paper puppets.  Afterwards have them put on a show for you and your family!

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Rainbow Appreciation Post
April 07, 2020

Rainbow Appreciation Post

Last Friday was National Find A Rainbow Day.  We like this holiday so much that we decided to drag out the celebration a little longer and dedicate this blog post to it.  Here are some fun rainbow activities to continue the celebration of National Find a Rainbow Day!

Crafting Your Own Rainbow with a Paper Plate

(See Easy, Peasy, and Fun's guide for full instructions and inspiration)

What you’ll need:

  • Paper plate
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Rainbow colored construction paper (or white paper and colored markers/pencils)

Instructions:  Cut the paper plate evenly in half.  Paste cotton balls all over the paper plate (this is the cloud).  Then paste long strips of the construction paper (10”-15”) on the cut edge of the paper plate.  You just created your very own rainbow!!


Leprechaun Coin Hunt

At the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold.  Hide coins (or crumpled up pieces of aluminum foil) around a room or in your backyard for the ultimate scavenger hunt.  Once the coins are hidden, have your little one(s) go on a search for the leprechaun coins.


Rainbow Collage

(See Fun Littles' guide for full instructions and inspiration)

Check out this alternate rainbow craft idea.  Cut up pieces of construction paper in rainbow colors or cut out rainbow colors out of a magazine.  Paste these onto a sheet of paper in the form of a rainbow. Add cotton balls at the end of the rainbow for a special touch.


I Spy

Take a break from indoors or simply look out your window, and play the I Spy game (rainbow edition).  Have your little one search for things outdoors that encompass every color of the rainbow. Once you find all the colors, you’ve won the game!  Go even further from the normal rainbow and get bonus points for obscure colors such as lime green, lilac, or navy blue.


Rainbow Cupcakes

Wanting a snack to celebrate National Find a Rainbow Day?  Bake some rainbow cupcakes! Make the batter of the white cake mix as the box describes.  Evenly separate the batter into 4-6 bowls. Color each bowl of batter with a different food coloring.  Spoon each of the different color batters into muffin tins. Bake the cupcakes as instructed on the box, and you should produce a beautiful creation!  If you want to take it to the next level, repeat the above instructions with a white frosting to make the ultimate edible rainbow.

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Miamohalla's Must Listen To Spring Playlist
March 31, 2020

Miamohalla's Must Listen To Spring Playlist


1.  How Far I’ll Go (Link)

2.  Baby Shark (Link)

3.  Let it Go (Link)

4.  Lost in the Woods (Link)

5.  Wash your Hands with Baby Shark (Link)

6.  Pokemon Theme Song (Link)

7.  Zero to Hero (Link)

8.  Cha Cha Slide (Link)

9.  Get Back Up Again (Link)

10.  Crazy Frog (Link)

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    Miamohalla's Must Do Indoor Activities
    March 24, 2020

    Miamohalla's Must Do Indoor Activities

    Stuck inside with nothing to do?  Below are six ideas to add some spark to your day!

    Virtual Museum Tours and Aquarium Visits

    Who knew you could visit museums and aquariums from the comfort of your home?  Here is a list of 12 famous museums that have virtual tours so you can continue to experience the history and fun.  From the Guggenheim in New York to the Van Gogh in Amsterdam, you and your little one will have a lot to look at.  Additionally many aquariums are also broadcasting their fish tanks. Check out this one from the National Aquarium that showcases three different fish tanks and specific fish to spot in each!



    Obstacle Course

    An obstacle course is a great way to stay active while keeping indoors.  By using items of everyday use, such as chairs, pillows and toys, lay them in a maze-like orientation around the room so your kids have to climb, duck and jump through the course.  To add more fun to the game, time your kids while they complete the course and challenge them to do it faster the next time.



    Learning Without a Screen

    There are a lot of apps and computer programs for at-home learning but sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics and work with paper and a pencil.  This website, 123 Homeschool 4 Me, has over 1 million free learning worksheets.  The website includes many different levels and subject areas, the opportunities are endless.




    Follow Kristina for Amazing Ideas!  

    Kristina is a mommy of four adorable kids ranging in ages from 3-11.  On her Instagram she posts about great ways to keep all of her children busy during the day.  Another thing we love about the activities is that most of them use items from around the house and don’t require going to the store.  One of our favorites is the Cardboard Box Challenge where kids use their imagination and art supplies to transform boxes into whatever their hearts desire.



    Facetime Playdates

    Are your kids missing their friends at school?  Set up a Facetime playdate with one of their close pals so they can interact with one of their peers from school.  The playdate doesn’t have to be long, anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour should be sufficient. The Facetime will generally be a new concept for your little one, so they’ll have fun showing their friends their toys and house virtually.  This is a great way to stay in touch without leaving home.



    Playdough Party

    A fun activity that you can do one afternoon is making playdough (check out this video).  It’s super easy to make and uses only three common household ingredients flour, salt, water, and food coloring (optional).  Try separating the raw dough and making a variety of colors so your little one has a lot to play with. Store in an airtight container and use it again, and again!


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    Princesses We Aspire to be Like
    March 17, 2020

    Princesses We Aspire to be Like


    We aspire to be like Merida because she isn’t afraid to break social norms.  Merida is left unsettled when men try to compete for her hand in marriage. She then enters the competition to win her own hand and blows away the other competitors.  Merida is awesome because she saw customs that weren’t fair, and took the matter into her own hands.



    Anna is a very inspiring princess because she is unabashedly herself and sticks to her feelings.  Throughout her journey Anna is goofy and quirky, she doesn’t care to hide who she is.  Anna also never gives up on her sister Elsa and is determined to bring her home.  We love Anna because she not only knows how to be herself, but she also knows how to love herself and those around her.



    Tiana is on our list because she is motivated and independent.  She works at a diner in hopes of making enough money and experience to open up her own restaurant.  Her work is paused when she gets turned into a frog.  However, this does not stop her, she goes out on an adventure to get her life back.  What we love about Tiana is that she does not rely on a man or anyone else to save her, she goes out herself and gets the job done! 



    Ariel is one of our favorites because she is passionate!  Whether it’s a fork, her fish friends or the dry land, Ariel sees the beauty of it all.  Ariel is equally as passionate about tangible items as she is about intangible ideas such as her dreams.  No matter how crazy they are, nothing will stop her from achieving them.  Ariel is the true definition of tenacious and a great example for us all.



    Mulan is an amazing Disney princess because she is loyal, brave and smart.  When her father is too sick to be drafted, she takes his spot by impersonating a man.  She goes off into the unknown by herself to train for war with other men.  In the end, she helps prevent the Hun invasion by outsmarting their army.  Mulan confronts the unknown and uses her intelligence to save her country.

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    Sneak Peak of Our Year
    March 10, 2020

    Sneak Peak of Our Year

    We can feel something in the air, it may be spring OR some big Miamohalla news.  We wanted to share these exciting events so you don’t miss any second of it!


    New Collection?

    This spring we are taking some time to evolve our current collection.  While we are transitioning from some of our beloved designs, we have some beautiful and exciting new styles that we'll be unveiling as part of our newest range.  The colors are bright and energizing, fun and playful, and perfect for the warm weather ahead! Some come in amazing patterns adding a different flair to our shop.  This new line will be unveiled in a few weeks. Stay tuned!!


    Future Pop-Ups?

    Since we had such a wonderful experience with our holiday pop-up at Monday’s Child Classics in Alexandria, VA, we’ve decided to plan more of these events.  This spring and summer we will be having 1-2 pop-ups in the DMV area.  We can’t wait to share the new collection and receive your amazing feedback.  


    Possible Collaborations?

    This spring and summer we are also exploring new collaboration opportunities with some outstanding brands & influencers!  From these collaborations, we are working on providing you with some exciting new products and bundled offerings to take delight in.  Please keep following our Instagram for more fun and news to come!  

    We are looking forward to the spring and connecting with our audience as well as establishing new connections.  Happy March, everyone!

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    Miamohalla Dress Characteristics
    March 03, 2020

    Miamohalla Dress Characteristics

    All of our Miamohalla dresses are unique, below are some key characteristics that make them so special. 

    Machine Washable:  Yes you heard right, all Miamohalla dresses are machine washable.  We ensure this characteristic because we would never want style to hinder daily activities.  These dresses are perfect for children on the go, messy eaters or curious kids.

    Comfortability:  Sometimes it’s hard to get kids into fashionable clothing options.  Our dresses are designed for comfort. All Miamohalla dresses come in soft, non-itchy material made for even the pickiest fashionistas.

    Smocking:  No Miamohalla dress has a duplicate because the smocking on each dress is hand-crafted.  Smocking is a unique craft that is handed down by skilled artisans from generation to generation.  Some of the smocking embroidery includes a combination mini flowers, diamonds, zig-zags, and/or stripes to create complex detail and a special effect for each dress.

    Princess Sleeves:  An important feature of most of our dresses are the adorable princess sleeves.  They add definition to each dress and create a statement. The sleeves definitely make any little girl feel like a true princess!

    Different Necklines: While most of our dresses have princess sleeves, the necklines of the dresses vary from style to style.  The three most common ones are the circular, square and collared neckline.

    Circular: The circular neckline is a more casual touch to the Miamohalla dresses.  They are the most common amongst all of our collections.
    Collared:  Only a few of our dresses are collared but they will surely make your little one stand out.  The styles include peter pan, ruffle and circular bibb.
    Square: The square neckline is a clean cut for the Miamohalla dresses.  It frames the head and shoulders perfectly.

    Bright Colors:  Our dresses encompass the full ROY G BIV spectrum.  From soft pastels to bold statement colors there is a option for everyone, every mood and every day of the week!  


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    Awesome Mommy Influencers to Follow
    February 24, 2020

    Awesome Mommy Influencers to Follow

    This week we’ve picked out seven of our top favorite “Mommy Influencers” to follow.  We love their unique styles and personalities, we highly encourage you to check them out!



    If you love fashion and an adorable little girl, check out this Instagram.  Smita documents affordable fashion finds for herself and her daughter.  The outfits are always so cute and we always want them for ourselves.  Smita also posts the outfits on a blog and links where to find them to make shopping so easy!



    Amber is a mother to three adorable children and a puppy. Her instagram is beautiful and we are obsessed with her vibe.  Amber’s aesthetic always makes us want to go to the beach. Apart from her instagram brand she also has her own hair products and extensions company.  Talk about a talented Momma!



    This instagram is run by a mother of five named Jessica Shyba.  We love her instagram because you can tell that Jessica loves her children, they are always at the main subjects of her photos and content.  The photos depict fun family adventures making you feel part of the fam. Jessica also has a blog which discusses all types of subjects including travel, parenting and more!



    Like Jessica, Naomi Davis is also a mother of five.  Together they live in NYC and the instagram follows all of their city adventures.  The fun vibe and bright colors always puts us in a good mood. Can we please join in on the family fun?? Naomi also has a blog that covers family, food, travel and New York City.



    Natalie is also a cool mommy fashion influencer that often features her daughter, Finn.  She picks out some really cute styles including matching mom and daughter outfits!  We love the look of her Instagram and want all of the fun styles.



    Meg’s Instagram is a little different than the others.  While she showcases her children in the posts, she also posts about fun recipes!  We love the mix of content as it changes up the Instagram game. While Meg runs her personal instagram, she is also one of the co-founders of @WhatsUpMoms the #1 parenting YouTube channel.  This Momma is definitely worth checking out!



    Last but not least is Hailey Marie Andersen, she is raising two kids in the Big Apple.  Her Instagram aesthetic is really beautiful so it’s very easy to follow. Hailey and her children are too cute!!  She wanted a creative outlet so she began her blog, Household Mag and eventually added a podcast to the arsenal. Hailey is doing it all!

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    The 5 Ws of Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy
    February 18, 2020

    The 5 Ws of Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy

    For every dress purchased, Miamohalla gives Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy 10% of the profits.  So not only are you giving your child something they will love but you are also contributing towards a better future for a hopeful kid in India.  What is Crossover and what do they do? Continue below to learn more about Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy.

    Who:  Volunteers from the United States and India take time leading a basketball program for marginalized children in India. They welcome nearly 500 students to the academy!

    What:  Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy is an international non-profit organization that encourages children to stay in school and complete their education through the use of basketball.  They have two main programs:

    Hoops Creating Hope: Hoops Creating Hope is their main program for girls and boys aged 8-14.  It spans two weeks and is run through experiential learning. The kids learn Crossover’s five pillars--connecting academics, individual skills, team building, conditioning, and yoga--through basketball and class time.  

    Crossover Scholars - After School Pilot Program: Crossover Scholars is their after-school program for elementary aged girls and boys in India.  While they teach basketball, they are more focused on positively impacting graduation rates. Crossover helps the attendees develop confidence, empathy and critical thinking.

    Where: The program is held in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.

    Why:  India’s school dropout rate is 62% and Crossover wants to change this and encourage kids to stay in school.  The Crossover participant school dropout rate is much smaller at 15%. Crossover chose basketball because for many kids, basketball is a new sport so everyone starts off on an equal playing field.

    When: This summer! Stay tuned for more information.

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    Will you be my Valentine?
    February 11, 2020

    Will you be my Valentine?

    During Valentine’s Day gifts such as candy, flowers, and chocolate are often exchanged between loved ones, mainly couples.  There is a big emphasis on relationships whether or not you’re in one. For Valentine’s Day we think that love should be celebrated in general, whether it’s a pet, sibling, parent or even yourself!  Additionally, showing that you love something or someone doesn’t have to be with a gift bought from the store, it can come in any shape or form such as a handwritten note or a positive change in behavior.  Gifts made and thought about with love can be the best kinds of presents! Below are some ideas of ways to show your love this Valentine’s Day:



    This Valentine’s Day, consider showing your love a little differently towards your parents.  Maybe make them a handmade Valentine’s Day card with a nice note inside. You could also go a different route by helping clean the house or emptying the dishwasher.  Either way parents are sure to love the extra effort.


    Your sibling most likely won’t expect anything from you this Valentine’s Day, so surprising them with something will be an extra special gesture.  For your sibling, consider surprising them with a Valentine’s Day breakfast. If you don’t have time for this, you could also let them borrow your favorite toy or t-shirt.  Your sibling will definitely appreciate the thought put into your actions.



    Appreciating your pets may be the easiest Valentine’s Day gift.  Give them an extra treat or two and pet them a little longer, you will for sure be their favorite human.


    Last but not least, give yourself a little love!  Sometimes after caring for others, individuals forget to practice self-love.  On Valentine’s Day you can wear your favorite outfit to boost confidence. For dessert eat your cookie with some ice cream or extra chocolate, treat yourself!

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    Valentines Day Crafts
    February 04, 2020

    Valentines Day Crafts

    Even though Valentines Day can be about love and couples, there are other fun activities that don’t involve any of this.  Below are some cool activities to do with your family if you want to celebrate in a different way!

    Paper Heart Accordion Chains

    Wanting some Valentines decorations for your house?  Follow this guide to make your very own paper accordion with your little one.  If you don’t have fun paper, try decorating it with markers, sparkles and glue, stickers and/or stamps. 

    Heart Sugar Cookie Decorating

    The best kind of art is art you can eat.  Use this amazing sugar cookie recipe as the base for your heart shaped masterpieces.  Continue the fun by making some buttercream frosting and add dye for extra flair.  If you’re feeling fancy, decorate further by adding fun sprinkles.

    Melted Crayon Hearts

    Have any extra crayons laying around?  Follow this guide to make your own melted crayon hearts.  It’s a great sustainable activity with a Valentines Day theme.  After your creations are cooled, use them to make beautiful drawings.

    Homemade Valentines

    If your little one is bringing in Valentines for their class, try making your own this year.  You can go the traditional route with card stock, markers and glitter or consider these fun options:

    1. Heart Paper Airplanes
    2. Felt Fortune Cookies
    3. Any of these “punny” card ideas

    Finish off with a customized note inside!

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    Miamohalla's Must Haves: Winter Accessories
    January 28, 2020

    Miamohalla's Must Haves: Winter Accessories

    Does the middle of Winter have you feeling down?  Don’t worry! We’ve picked out five of our favorite Winter accessories to brighten up your day and outfit!

    Squeaker Sneakers Booties

    Squeaker Sneakers now come in an adorable suede winter boot style to keep your little one’s toes nice and warm.  With every step your little one takes, a little squeak comes out of the shoe leading to hours of entertainment. Some of the styles come with flashy sequins to really spruce up an outfit.  Wear with our Cranberry or Ice Princess dress to complete the outfit.


    Miminoo Kids Winter Hat

    Want to keep your ears warm this winter?  We have the solution for you! Miminoo Kids makes these adorable hats that are fun and fashionable.  They come in three different colors easily paired with Marvelous Mauve or Purple Royalty.


    Junia Kids Sunglasses

    Junia Kids makes adorable sunglasses for your little one.  The POP style is one of our favorites. Very sassy yet chique, these sunglasses will add confidence to any look.  These sunglasses are very versatile and would look great with any Miamohalla dress.


    Atsuyo Et Akiko Necklaces

    Atsuyo Et Akiko creates amazing jewelry for your little one.  This necklace is especially great because of all the fun, dangly charms.  The product comes in two colors easily pairing with any Miamohalla offerings especially Blue Bellflower or Ladybug.


    Green Gypsies Crossbody Bags

    Green Gypsies is a smaller business like us!  They make adorable purses for your young ones that will bring serious style to any outfit.  While Green Gypsies make many styles, the Lydia Crossbody is one of our favorites these days.  Pair with Caterpillar Green or Purple Plum to stand out at any event

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