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Miamohalla means my community.  We sell handmade lifestyle offerings sourced from local communities that benefit both the producers and purchasers through exposure to new markets, and through our giving pledge

Our dresses are designed to define childhood and are born out of our passion to create stylish clothing for our little ones that are easy to care for. Forget about the stains, and capture the fleeting childhood memories with your kids as they slash the dragons, jump the muddy puddles and ride the princess carriage! 

Art of Smocking

In some families, the art of smocking is handed down from generation to generation like a fine recipe. The gathering of fabric, the carefully placed stitches that pull the pleats together, the embroidery stitches that both stabilize and adorn the fabric pleats must all be completed by hand. To us, the choice to have our smocking created by hand is an easy one. Many hands have been involved with our beautiful dresses by the time they reach your hands. We hope you appreciate that as much as we do.

Shimmer & Shine

Our Shimmer & Shine Collection features beautiful, handcrafted dresses that will add sparkle to your little girl's world! Soft material, glam glow and the flowing flare makes our dresses perfect for every special occasion.  Exclusive & custom smocking detail makes each dress unique. Let your little princess go on magical adventures with these Shimmer & Shine dresses!

Snowflake Collection

Just like single snowflakes falling from the sky, each dress from our snowflake collection is unique with personalized, truly artful & intricate smocking and there are no two dresses that are 100% identical. Each dress is hand-stitched by highly skilled artisans in India with love, craftsmanship, and plenty of blessings. Each artisan brings a distinctive talent, set of skills and their creativity to the table. Due to this unique production process of creating these gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, vibrant dresses, you will find each dress to be truly special and customized.

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